Are the fabricators and the erection team work safely?

Do you feel relaxed as a Maintenance person or a project lead? I know from most of you, I will hear a negative answer. It is not because of you but due to some other reason.

It is the practice of the industry to allocate a job to the vendor who is commercially fit in the L1 list without evaluating the capability and technicality of the contractor. This little slippage, and saving a small amount of money, may cost a lot to the parent organisation, if the accident occurs due to this vendor. This is the major reason why most of the industrial accidents occur in fabrication field.


Because most of these vendors do not know the basics of the safety requirements. Without proper guidance and lack of knowledge in their respective field of operation, ignorance of basic safety at work place lead to the accidents. And project completion pressure from the project or plant in-charge, the contractor fails badly in the execution area, which leads to a panic situation for the contractor. This may reflect in action and result into an accident. An accident means loss of property, life and delay in completion of project because this may lead into further complication if the intensity of accident is a major one.

So, in a fastest growing country like India, the organisations need to act responsibly at the time of selecting the vendors.

Why MAC Engineers?

We, at MAC Engineers, with a team of experts, engineers with more than a dozen of years of experience, we execute the job with safety to our workmen as well as the property of the companies. Analysing the site before starting the work and equipped with proper resources, we try to minimise the risks and deliver projects in a timely manner.