Maintaining a structure or building is the key to maintain a building or a factory. Due to the chemical effect and exposure to the acidic atmosphere, the steel are prove to corrosion. To maintain the structure and strength of the structures, it is necessary to get it painted in an interval. The plant looks old due to the non-painting of the building and structures for a long time, which damages the aesthetic view of the plant. We, at MAC Engineers, are well equipped to paint the structure and make the plant and structure look better and fit to fight against the adverse effect of the atmosphere. Along with the structure, we do undertake all type of equipment painting. There is a facility of sand blasting or shot blasting which can be carried out into the new structures as per the demand of the customer. Old equipments are being repainted by us to give them a new look is also being done by our team of painters. Over the period of time, the equipments either inside or outside, the equipment are deposited with materials and look shabby. We, with our team of experts carry out the buffing activities on these equipments and try to make them look like a new one.

We undertake the industrial plant painting covering major aspects as follows –

  • Industrial painting – In industrial painting we do undertake all type of structural painting whether new or old structures, pipe line painting, pipe racks painting, old equipment painting etc.
  • Sand blasting – We have included the sand blasting facility of the site requirement and customer requirement.
  • Old building painting – We, with our team of experts, do undertake the painting of old buildings, plant buildings and also the office buildings etc.
  • Equipment buffing – The buffing is done to the equipment for mat finish or mirror finish as per the client requirements.