Energy loss occurrence is high if there is a loss of heat during transmission of hot or cold media from source to the process required point. Therefore it is very important aspect to curb this loss in process. Insulation of the transmitting pipe lines and the equipments are the vital part in maintaining the temperatures as per the process requirement. We, at MAC Engineers, have a dedicated staff of trained personnel equipped with latest technology. With this we offer our clients a best in industry solution to their requirements. We continuously work hard to maintain the quality of the job with a cost effective solution and to complete the job in the time bound manner. Whatever the size of the equipment of application is, our experts will always ready to deliver the best in the assignment.

Hot Insulation:

There are various insulating materials available in market to give a suitable hot insulation solution, like mineral wool, glass wool, Rockwool etc. Out of these materials, the best suitable material is being selected as per the client demand or site requirement.

Cold Insulation:

The cold insulation done to the pipe lines which carries a cold media upto -10 degree centigrade. This is very critical for the plant operation, therefore our team takes utmost care in carrying out the activity at site.

Sound Insulation:

We also cover the aspect of noise pollution. The noise creating equipments are insulated to arrest the noise below the permissible limit of 85dB.

Besides these activities, we also undertake the roof insulation to maintain the overall plant temperature.

To be very broad in our work in the field of insulation, it can be mentioned as follows –

  • High Density Glass-wool, Rockwool Work – Hot and Cold Applications
  • General Purpose Glass-wool, Rockwool Work – Hot and Cold Applications
  • Acoustics Work – Noise Reduction and Sound Transmission Applications
  • Wrapping & Coating systems for underground pipelines
  • Indoor or outdoor installations