With a team of expert team of manpower and other resources for projects, we accomplish projects with utmost quality and on schedule. With the strong team, ethical values and determination, we find ourselves suitable for most of the critical project sites.  We are well capable of executing the projects irrespective of its size – from micro to jumbo; we do it with utmost care and on schedule manner. We undertake green field and also brown field projects as per the client requirement. We are well versed with the need of the client.

Before we execute, we do understand the parameters and the blue print properly to execute in a better way and efficiently. Before the single steel is cut, the drawing and the instruction by the client is studied twice and then it is cut and is being transformed into a desired structure. We try to minimise the wastage of the steel.

Erection or installation of the steel structure is the major part of any structural fabrication work. The expert team of erection job are allocated as per the site requirement and with a constant supervision to have a safe and perfect installation.

We prefer to work hard and deliver the best quality job rather than in-efficient job and a bad execution.

We execute the project in a time bound manner to suit the requirement of the client and we don’t overlook the safety factor at our work-site. As it is a general practice in the projects that completion of the job in time is the major criteria, normally safety comes into second place. Though it is a requirement, we never compromise on our quality, safety of our workers, time target and the environment. Our workmen are well acquainted with the hard situations and how to deliver better in those situations.

We almost cover major aspects of the project execution as follows –

  • Piping
  • Steel structures
  • Installation
  • Insulation
  • Painting
  • Commissioning