For a rigid and robust factory, the foundation is to be constructed with quality and perfect structure. Structural steel are the main component in building the strong base. Whether it is the main column of the factory building or foundation structure of equipment or any working platform, structural steel is the main component in construction of the structures.

Building stability and equipment alignment and stability depends upon the structures being used in the and how they are installed and aligned.

Whether it is a new installation, or in an old plant, where the structure are decaying or getting corroded due to the effect of the chemicals or due to the environmental effect, we are always ready to replace it to give a new face lift.  We are always happy to serve our clients to fit the requirement.

We , at MAC Engineers, try to maintain the built structures as per the design and make them fit to sustain all loads for which they are designed for.

We undertake all types of new and old structural steel fabrication and erection job. It includes –
  • Plant Maintenance – In plant maintenance, we undertake all type of plant maintenance , maintenance of equipment , carry out need base equipment replacement etc
  • Plant shutdown job works – When we are associated with our client, we become the integral part of the plant and do carry out regular maint work as well as plant shut down jobs , we supply skilled manpower like fitter , fabrication fitters, welder and also other manpower as per the need of the job. Completing the job in time and make the plant up within the schedule is our motto.
  • Fabrication & erection of structural Steel platform- We recondition or replace the old structures in a running plant with greater accuracy and minimal shutdown.
  • Industrial building structures – we do fabricate the building structures as per the design along with the sheeting work.

There are many more services which are not mentioned here.